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back up files or old info will be hosted here

Opening day Dec 07,07

December 15th Update,
Added a couple of BentRims customs skins to the bonus page.

December 14th update
Added two write up articles to the custom car page,
One for Smoove and one for Missing Parts
Also began to build a basic forums for the website.

December 10th
I am currently seeking some cars for the demo derby class for WRFL mod. These cars will replace the bonus cars in Flatout2.
Here is the current line up.(pending permissions) I am looking for suggestions on the last couple of spots.


If you have any ideas or suggestions let me know. I will be happy to toss a couple of cars in.

This is my little space for my custom cars I have for flatout 2.
I am hoping to add a bit more to the site in the future but for now I wanted to just get started uploading my stuff to the internet on my own. Away from any site that I do not have control over.
I am currently working on a Mod team that I have put together to release my own Mod for flatout2. I will try to post up some screen shots shortly.
Some of my cars for flatout 2 were barrowed from other games I try to always ask the Authors for permissions on these cars. Where ever it is stated please contact the Author of the car if you are downloading this file to modifiy it for another game.
If you download one of my cars that I created please email me and let me know where your uploading it or for what game you plan on using it for.
Thank you,

WRFL Mod is currently looking for a few souls to help out.
We are looking for skinners interested in doing "Race Car" Type skins
We are also looking for someone to do some Database work.
If your interested drop me a line at
Or sign up at the forums at

Keep Checking back often as I spend time getting all my cars packed together for release here.







Table of Contents
December 2007
Site goes live.

What is WFRL?
World Flatout Race League Mod is a project I started on with PainKiller and Reaper. A breif overview of the mod.
This is PK's brain child here.... First I would like to thank PK for bringing me into your community and reaper for introducing me to you all.

I have been modding cars for Flatout2 over at flatoutjoint for a bit now and this project is something I am really looking forward to completing. This is going to get done I currently have a very early beta working in game but we would really like to get a better version of it before we release anything to the community for testing. (deal with the problems we are aware of before we get the testers to tell us what were not aware of) I am trying to bring on a couple of guys that I know would really make a difference in making this mod something incredible.

Lots of things may still change.... but currently this is the basic line up and idea for the Mod.

Here is a quick break down of NZ's Flatout Mod.

What it is....
We are going to take the existing 3 Flatout2 car categories and break them into a brand new AI based game.
 Single Player and Multi-Play will be possible.

Cars will be broke into the existing 4 categories that flatout offers.
Derby cars: will be Sprints.
Race cars: will be a unique category of race cars that are original to New Zealand they are called Super Stocks.
Here is an image of these types of cars.
Street cars: will be awesome category as its Dwarf/Legends cars all 1920's - 1950's 3/4 scale race cars...
I have started to convert quite a few of these..
Bonus Cars: The left over cars such as the Mob Car, Semi, etc will be what we are calling a Derby Class.
These will all be beaters and Junkers for demo derby class.
Anyway heres some very early screen shots...the drivers have yet to be moved....and some tire changes still need to
go into play.
In this area, I might include links to specific pages of my site, perhaps with a short summary of the content that is new uploads.
All my cars will be uploaded off site. I have yet to decide where I plan to upload these.