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My Modding History
Who am I,
Well I live in Michigan near Detroit area. Been a big video game player for most of my life I currently work in the real estate field running my own company but as the market has had such a major downturn a career change could be in the future.
I am 38, Married with Four kids, Ages range from 12-20.
I first got my start adding content to games with built in gaming mods like Never winter Nights, Warcraft map editor and things such as that. I always enjoyed watching people play my stuff.
The big step was when I began map making for counter-strike. Using a program called world editor. I did about 15-20 Maps for counter-strike including teaming up with Raptor on fy-iceworld3d the concept drawings layout and graphics for that map were all my idea, at the time I had yet to work in world editor so raptor did all the interface work. If you do a google search on fy-iceworld3d it is a very popular map. Another mapper without permission from myself of raptor released a version of the map for counter-strike source. Something I am still a bit pissed about.
But at the same time I guess you have to look at it as a positive. Someone liked the map enough to move it to the next level.
I played counter-strike for 7 years I still have ties to the clan that I was one of the founding members of and leader of for 5 years. Zero Tolerance Killers You can find a link to them on my links page.
I still have a couple of open projects on my hard drive for maps I would someday love to finish. Including 21 pumpstreet a interesting town map I was working on when I got distracted by Flatout.
My early Flatout days.....
I had played for 2 years with 4 of my family members a game called Motor City Online. The be all end all race title in my mind.
What a great game, Anyway I watched these little communities pop up of old MCO members guys would put up tribute sites and other content with rumors popping up of hacking into the game that EA had shut down on us over night.
One of the communites that I would check up on was team-mcomod. I watched them release F1-mcomod, and checked out the screenshots on the old cars. I went as far as buying a copy of the game they modded on ebay. But I always seemed to get distracted.
A few years later I popped into there site and noticed that they were modding Flatout. I jumped back and forth from there site to bugbears checking the game out. While shopping the same night I picked up my copy of the game. Came back to the house installed it played maybe 3 races of the real game and then proceeded to download the mod.
I never played the "real" game. I went right into playing the modded version and completing it over and over again.
By the second week I had 3 of the 4 family members hooked-up with it. Rustyvette, Lightning, and Giracer joined me in the lobby 3 nights a week to race Flatout1.
I started looking at how this game was modded not long after that. At the time I had this crappy little program called photo explosion. And I was trying to make skins for the game with it. They came out terrible.
My I.T guy for my real estate company happened to bring a copy of photoshop with him and I picked it up from him.
I was off to the races.
This is about the point where I found the FlatoutJoint community, I was still pretty commited to team mcomod so I popped over to FOJ to see what was going on but rarely posted a topic over there. The community at flatoutjoint seemed a bit clickish to me when I first started to join so I didnt really bother with it much. I also found KC's flatout site around the same time.
I started my first, Second folder of Flatout at this point and added in my own content to this folder. I was downloading my own custom cars from KC's site mostly.and began to skin some of those cars. I still have some early work on an external drive I will try to get some of these skins posted up sometime in the future.
Anyway it was about this time period that teammcomod posted up a skinning contest for the 49 Merc. I jumped on this both feet first. I was skinning this car to no end. I think I did about 25-30 skins for the car. Way to many lol......
Long and Short I won the contest with what I consider to be still one of my better skins. I spent a ton of time on this car converting over almost every possible piece to a purplish hue. The skin took me about 40 tries to perfect. I doubt I will ever spend that much time on one car skin again. Everything lined up perfectly and with my limited photoshop skills thats saying alot.

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